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Shovel Knight Reaches 2 Million In Worldwide Sales


Yacht Club Games announced that Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove has reached a new milestone of 2 million copies sold worldwide since its release in June 2014.

Shovel Knight reached 1 million about 18 months after its original debut, then it has reached the 2 million marker at the end of February 2018 about 26 months after that.

The developers even provided a sales breakdown by platform  which you can check below:

Yacht Club Games pointed out that the Switch version of Shovel Knight is the third best-selling platform with only a single year of sales under its belt and sold about 370k units.

Here’s a look at some less specific data with a new platform graphs:

PC was the previous leader for units sold in the first month at 70k but the Switch broke the record by selling around 110k in its launch month, as you can see with the yellow spike in the second graph.

Here’s a graph of the total of all platforms with listing of major releases:

And a breakdown of all the above info:

  • We sold over 125k more units in 2017 than 2016! But 60% of those units were sold on Switch. Outside of Nintendo platforms, our sales dipped by about 30% in 2017. However in total, 2017 was our second best year in unit sales.
  • Although sales are strong due to Switch, February was our worst sales month since October 2014. Oh no! Hopefully that just means people were busy buying other cool games.
  • Perhaps the best indicator of how our sales are progressing from year to year – our rough Windows units sold each year:
    170k (2014)->140k (2015) -> 100k (2016) -> 75k (2017)
  • We passed 1 million units sold on Nintendo platforms alone in September 2017!

Lastly, some interesting facts about the longevity of the current platforms:

  • We sold about 500 copies on PS3 in April 2016 just in the US. That seems very high given where the PS3 was at in its life cycle! But we only sold about 30 units in October 2017 on PS3. So, at least for us, that marks PS3’s mighty reign as coming to a close. A similar story could be told for the Vita where we sold 1.8k units in April 2016 in the US. Now we’re down to ~170 units in October 2017.
  • PS4 sales have stayed remarkably steady. In October 2016 we sold about 2000. Guess how much we sold in October 2017? About 2000 units! The same consistency in monthly units applies to Xbox One as well.
  • We sold over 2000 units on Wii U October 2016, but only over 300 in October 2017. Switch has definitely taken the Wii U’s glory!
  • We sold about 2000 units on 3DS in October 2017 compared to about 4500 in October 2016. This leads us to believe that 3DS is still fairly strong (it isn’t too far from the game’s natural decline).

You can check out some more interesting data over at Yacht Club Games’ official website.

Shovel Knight is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Nintendo 3DS, Wii U, and PC.

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