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Shovel Knight Will Learn A Thing Or Two From Kratos Upon Beating Him



Yacht Club Games has revealed that Kratos from God of War will appear as a boss fight in the forthcoming PS4, PS3, and PS Vita versions of Shovel Knight. The studio has also shown off the fight in action for the first time.


He won’t be easy to find, though, apparently. You’ll have to keep an eye on secrets and possibly “double secrets” in order to discover wherever it is that Kratos is hanging out on Shovel Knight’s world map.


“Kratos can be a challenging fight because he’s aggressive and tenacious, just like in the God of War games. Using his Blades of Chaos, he really knows how to whip poor Shovel Knight around!” Yacht Club Games wrote on the PlayStation Blog.



In the gifs that the studio provided, Kratos can be seen dishing out long-reaching attacks on the ground, jumping into the air to knock Shovel Knight out of it, and using a spinning attack that covers nearly quarter of the screen.


Yacht Club Games also teased that Shovel Knight “learns a trick or two from Kratos” once he has been defeated. You can guess as to what that might be as the studio isn’t giving anything away.


Lastly, Yacht Club shared a clip of the battle music that will play as you fight Kratos. You can listen to it here. Shovel Knight will be out for PlayStation platforms on April 21st.

Chris Priestman