Shred Enemies With Harpoons In Local Multiplayer Game Moribund



Moribund will have up to four players fighting it out in the ruins of a futuristic world, using stun guns to paralyze their opponents before hitting them with a body-shredding harpoon.




Players will have access to eight characters, each with a unique look and personality, to choose from for their fight against their friends. Once selected, players will have be able to use their two weapons to kill opponents.


Beating foes isn’t as simple as firing two different types of shot. Players must be hit a few times before they will be stunned, and once paralyzed, the other player must take a few seconds to charge the harpoon before disembowelling their opponent with it. This means having to stay still for a few seconds, creating opportunities for other opponents to land their own attacks. These weapon mechanics add tension to the game, creating a frantic struggle to kill each opponent.




Moribund also features stage mechanics that can kill other players, so it may be preferable to lure opponents to their death rather than fiddle with weaponry. There are over eighty of these stages as well, so players will have a great deal to choose from.


Moribund is available now on Steam.

Alistair Wong
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