Shrine Of Orm Is A Horror-Themed First-Person Dungeon Crawler



Shrine of Orm is a horror-themed first-person dungeon crawler, one where players will put together a party of created warriors, thieves, and wizards in order to find and defeat a source of madness.




After the murder of the prince, Lamina, the High Priestess of Orm, has hidden herself within a shrine, polluting it with an infectious madness that has turned everyone inside into a crazed zealots. The king has therefore put together a group of mercenaries that the player can draw from, choosing from six races and eleven classes to create their group of four fighters to tackle the shrine.


Players will have to work their way through unmapped, confusing dungeon halls, finding secrets and trapped paths as they work their way to Lamina. Monsters they encounter will be fought in turn-based combat, using the game’s fifty various weapons. Should the player be unsure where to go or who to fight, they can rely on advice and help from some of the people they can talk to in the game’s central town.




Shrine of Orm does not shy away from gruesome enemies and combat, giving the RPG action a horror slant. The game also emulates the art style of older JRPGs to give itself a unique look, one that is designed to enhance the discomforting look of its monsters and villains.

Alistair Wong
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