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Shu Takumi Provides A Closer Look At The Great Ace Attorney



Director Shu Takumi recently made an appearance during this weekend’s NicoNico Chokaigi 2015 event, where Capcom shared some of the latest footage and talked about The Great Ace Attorney. (Thanks, Bolt2nd)



The video begins with a recap of what The Great Ace Attorney is all about, starting a the 3:27 mark with one of the recent trailers. At 9:39, they show a bit on the setting of the Meiji period in Japan, and also England, where Ryunosuke and Susato will travel to afterwards. They also show another look at Sherlock Holmes and Iris Watson.


In next bit, Capcom show off the game flow, and how it follows the past Ace Attorney games in that it has an investigation part and a courtroom part. Additionally, The Great Ace Attorney will introduce a new part that will involve Ryunosuke and Sherlock Holmes working together.


At the 17:45 mark of the video, Shu Takumi shows us a some footage from the game, where we get to see a jury trial. It doesn’t take long until one of the jurors, the one with the knife, claims to have already come to a decision during the cross-examination.


While we don’t know too much about the story based on what’s being said, Juror #3 says that he doesn’t like those who are considered “the rich,” and says  that they’re all probably up to no-good schemes in the back. “That small man is the criminal. My eyes can’ be fooled,” he exclaims.


After he tosses his verdict flame onto the black side for guilty, the other jurors jump onto the bandwagon and also decide to go with guilty verdicts. When Ryunosuke finds himself in a pinch with all jurors going with the guilty verdict, he’ll be able to go with a closing argument for a last second attempt at changing their minds by finding a contradiction in order to continue with the trial.



The next video starts with another look at the trailer that shows off key characters and more trial action. Takumi explains that the following gameplay footage parts will contain what he personally considers to be spoilers, so if you don’t mind minor spoilers, skip forward to the 10:37 mark.


This part shows a little from a Japanese court room, where Ryunosuke is treated as a suspect, and he’ll have to prove his innocence; however, his friend Kazuma Asougi will be there to help him out. You can check out our earlier report to get an idea of what’s going on during these scenes.


Additionally, during a Q&A session with the fans, Takumi explains that he first looked into the era in which Sherlock Holmes lived, and found out that it was around the time that Japan was in its Meiji period, so that was part of the decision-making process regarding when the game takes place.


The Great Ace Attorney will release in Japan on July 9, 2015 for Nintendo 3DS.

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