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Shutshimi Is Bringing Hench Goldfish To Wii U On February 4th



Publisher Choice Provisions has announced that the randomized shmup Shutshimi will be out for Wii U on February 4th in North America. It will also be coming to Europe on Wii U at at later date.


Shutshimi has you playing as a goldfish with muscular human arms armed with a bullet-morphing shotgun. It provides endless waves of bizarre enemies to shoot your way through but there is a catch.

As you’re a goldfish you only have a 10 second memory. In the game, this means that upgrades and power-ups never last longer than 10 seconds, so you’re constantly pressed to collect these to beat back the waves.


Shutshimi is already available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Steam, and Xbox 360.

Chris Priestman