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Shutshimi Is A Goldfish Shoot’em Up



Back in 2010, we saw a PlayStation Portable shooter starring a flying hamster named Newton. Now, five years later, we’re getting another shooter with an unconventional star, an armed, muscle-bound goldfish named The Fishy. In Shutshimi, people go through randomized, ten second levels.


Given that The Fishy is a goldfish, Shutshimi plays that angle up. All of the levels take place underwater and many enemies are aquatic or ocean friendly creatures like sharks, squids, and reverse-mermen. Also, The Fishy has the brain of, well, a goldfish, so power-ups are quickly forgetting. There are fifty total, with positive and negative effects, and you’re never sure which three will be available in the shop for the next level. Local cooperative multiplayer is also available for two to four players.


shutshimi 1 shutshimi 2 shutshimi 3


Shutshimi will be released on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita on August 25. It will be a cross-buy, so if you buy one version, you also get the other. It will also offer cross-save compatibility, so one save can be shared and used for both systems. Nintendo Wii U and PC versions are also planned.

Jenni Lada
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