Shuyan Saga Uses Motion Capture From Authentic Kung-Fu Master For Its Combat



Players will follow Shuyan’s change from bored princess to Kung-Fu master throughout the episodes of Shuyan Saga, an ‘Action Graphic Novel’ that draws from real Kung-Fu for its various combat styles.




Shuyan begins as a bored princess, one tired of her pampered life. Over the course of three episodes, players will watch her change to become a martial arts master and practitioner of ancient magic, all of which she will have to put to use when General Ganbataar attacks her home with his armies. Depending on Shuyan’s actions, this will play out differently over three possible endings.


Shuyan will fight back in two different combat styles, called Arena and Focus. Arena style involves facing down many enemies from a top-down viewpoint, whereas the Focus style bears similarities to fighting games, where players will fight a single powerful opponent.




All of the attacks in combat have been motion captured using a real world Kung-Fu master, Shifu Longfei Yang. The developers have captured over 300 combat animations with the master to ensure authenticity in the attacks.


Shuyan Saga passed through Steam Greenlight in a little over a week. It is expected to release in 2017.

Alistair Wong
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