Side-Scrolling RPG Valdis Story Channels Bits Of Castlevania




Indie RPG Valdis Story: Abyssal City managed to get itself Greenlit on Steam’s indie platform, and it looks like it channels the best bits of Castlevania’s side-scrolling, baddie-beating action.


As Wyatt, you’re exploring the ruins of a rediscovered holy city and find while plumbing its depths that not only are things going horribly wrong, but there were somehow survivors. You’ll want to get to the bottom of this fast though – every day, more of mankind dies or is subsumed into one of the two warring Gods Myrgato and Alagath, forced to choose a side and become a demon or angel, or just die.




As you get stronger and level up, you’ll be able to backtrack as necessary in the free-form game to gain access to new zones and areas.



Combat is a mix of using weapons such as swords, martial arts and sorcery, with three different skill trees to invest in as Wyatt levels up in the course of his adventures. Standard shticks like double jumping and huge boss battles are included, as well as what looks to be a decently expansive item equipment service. It’s also pretty cool to note that how you defeat enemies matters too, with combos enhancing the amount of experience points you get. There’s also word that there’s another person you can play as and more to come in the future, alongside an all-original soundtrack with some two hours worth of music.


Valdis Story: Abyssal City is out now on Steam.

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