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Sidescrolling Action Game Features 88 Heroes With Different Actions, Attacks, & Movement



88 Heroes is a sidescroller with a huge roster of playable characters, each having their own ways of attacking and moving, drastically re-inventing how the game plays depending on which one the player uses.




Players will face endless new challenges using the game’s multiple characters. A magical octopus allows players to create damaging blocks which double as platforms, letting them create their own paths through each stage. A snake that float through the air will also change up how the player approaches the game. A mutated space man offers a damaging teleport, able to shift through hazards and kill enemies. Eighty eight characters offer this much variety each, giving players dozens of ways to play the game.


However, the hero is chosen randomly at the beginning of each game, and also whenever the player dies. The player will then have to adapt to whatever play style they’ve been assigned, using their abilities to clear the game’s eighty-eight stages and defeat Dr H8. Not only that, but some heroes have powers that aren’t helpful at all, creating some truly challenging situations.




Players also have a strict time limit to complete the game, having only eighty eight minutes to complete their task.


88 Heroes will be releasing on PS4, Xbox One, and Steam.

Alistair Wong
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