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Sierra Bringing Velocity 2X To PC And Xbox One This Year



Futurlab has teamed up with publisher Sierra to bring its sci-fi platformer and shoot ‘em-up Velocity 2X to Windows, Mac, Linux and Xbox One this year.


As you may know, Velocity 2X was released on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita last year, and to much critical acclaim. It’s a high-speed playground that has levels that switch you between side-scrolling puzzle platforming at a fast pace, to high-risk top-down shmup dodging.



In announcing these ports, Futurlab teased that there might be something special being added to the game as the studio can now pass on the marketing to Sierra, leaving it to focus on building the game. And so, to any PlayStation owners, Futurlab said: “FuturLab still loves PlayStation and its loyal players, and we’ll continue to work closely with Sony to make sure the fan base we’ve worked hard to build is well served.”


More information about Velocity 2X can be found on the series’ website.

Chris Priestman