Silent Hill: Origins Writer’s First Indie Project Is Called Her Story



Sam Barlow was previously the writer and designer of Silent Hill: Origins and Silent Hill: Shattered Memories. Now, he’s working on his own solo projects, the first of which is a crime thriller called Her Story.


Her Story turns your computer or iOS device into a police computer terminal. You’re able to type in search terms to bring up clips from live-action videos relevant to those search terms. Not just any clips, the videos are all archive footage of a British woman being interviewed by police in 1994 about her missing husband.


The woman is played by musician and actress Viva Seifert, and the footage is made to look like you’re watching it on low-quality VHS technology, giving it quite an authentic look.


While your goal in searching for and watching these clips hasn’t been made clear yet during this initial teaser of the game, it’s implied that you’re playing the role of a detective, piecing together this woman’s story from the seven interviews she was part of. As such, the narrative is fragmented, non-linear, and so the suggesting is that there may be multiple endings to find.


Her Story is currently up on Steam Greenlight. It can be pre-ordered for $4.99 on its website.

Chris Priestman