Silhouetted Samurai Slasher Dawn Of The Ronin Gets A Demo


UK-based Rising Sun Studios has released a new trailer and a work-in-progress demo for its upcoming 2D hack-‘n’-slasher Dawn of the Ronin. You can download the demo for Windows here.


In it, you play as an unnamed ronin during 16th century Japan who is tasked with defending Osaka and standing against the hostile Tokugawa regime.

download (3)dawn of the ronin

You can play as a male or female warrior, each of which have their own fighting styles and animations, slicing your way through hundreds of enemy soldiers.


But it’s not as easy as mashing the attack button here. You’ll need to block, dodge, and use a combination of sword and throw attacks to succeed. As you progress, you’ll also unlock new combat stances and moves for greater flexibility.

Chris Priestman