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Siliconera and Japanator Are Teaming Up

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Greetings, everyone!

We are about to head into a new era… a Siliconera, if you will. Siliconera and Japanator are teaming up. All of the news and features you’d expect from Japanator are going to find a new home at Siliconera, where we’ll all work together to talk about our passion for Japanese games and culture. Now that we’re both part of the same network, we feel like it’s only natural to perform a Fusion Dance and team up.

Don’t think of this as a goodbye. Think of this as a “We’re moving down the street.” The people you know and love from Japanator will all still be here. We’re just all coming together as one community.

Siliconera and Japanator BFFAQS

Hold on! What’s Japanator?!

We’re glad you asked! Japanator is a Japanese culture blog that focuses mainly on anime, Japanese film and music, and Japanese gaming, and currently hosts writers Christian Chiok, Red Veron, and Josh Tolentino. Japanator hosts cosplay galleries, seasonal anime previews, weekly recaps and reviews, and features and interviews with creators. After a few years and much deliberation, we’ve decided that coming together with Siliconera is the best way forward for both sites.

What will happen with Japanator’s Christian, Josh, and Red?

You’ll now start seeing them appearing on Siliconera, ideally! We’re working out the details, but expect to begin seeing stories from them in the near future.

Will we still see insights into Japanese life and culture?

Indeed you will! Since Siliconera is focused on video games, you’ll occasionally see news stories like “Check Out a Day in the Life of a Manga Author” or “Japanator Exclusive: An Interview with TRUE” appearing on the weekends.

I come to Siliconera for video game news, not stories about anime, cosplay, and Japanese pop music. What does this mean for me?

As always, we’re going to do our best to make sure any supplemental stories have a connection to video games. For example, if we did a news story about a mangaka, it would be one who has helped contribute to a game or whose series has been turned into a game. If we did an interview with a Japanese musician, it would be one whose music appeared in games.

Japanator did reviews and Siliconera does playtests. What will happen here?

At Siliconera, we do playtests instead of reviews so we can better express our passion for games and keep coming back to certain elements of them we consider important. (Plus, we feel there are times when even a “bad” game can have something good about it, and we’d like to try and remain passionate and positive about them!) So going forward, you’ll be seeing only playtests and not reviews.

Who do I contact if I have any concerns/questions about this?

Our comments are open, so please let us know. In addition, you can reach us at [email protected]

We’re really excited to come together like this, and we hope everyone can join together to celebrate things they love about Japanese games and pop culture!

Siliconera Staff
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