Siliconera Splatoon Night Wrap-Up


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It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for, the results of Siliconera’s first Splatoon night. So how did it go? Well, I’ve never been more afraid of chargers in my life. Thanks to Touhou DJ and Yasmine for that.


We started a little bit early at around 6:50pm CT, and wrapped up two hours later at 8:55pm CT. Altogether, we went through 22 matches, during which I learned that everyone who stopped by to play is amazing. Seriously, you folks know what you’re doing. I tend to average 1,000 points in matches with random people, and I was lucky to hit that here, due to all the skilled players.


Charger weapons were surprisingly popular among the community, as were shooter weapons. A few rollers popped up from time to time. Sloshers, inkbrushes, and splatlings were rare. FDMpro DKL was pretty fierce with the inkbrush though, and as I mentioned early, Yasmine and Touhou DJ are absolutely terrifying once they have their chargers and are camped out somewhere.


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Since the teams were always random, it isn’t exactly possible to say which "side" won or lost more. If Touhou DJ or Yasmine were working together, however, their group would win. But beyond that, something interesting started to happen. It seemed like the winning team would always win by about 50%, while the losing side would be around 30%.


The Siliconera Splatoon night mainly stuck with Turf War battles, however, when the room got sparce, we did go through one Tower Control match and a Splat Zones one. It was far too difficult to pull off with small groups, though, so after a brief experiment we went back to Turf Wars.


Which brings us to the turnout. I had 48 people send me friend requests prior to the event. Of those, AJ, Alex, Chris, Cieru, DanijoEX, Devin, FDMpro DKL, Keepwalker, Kuronoa, Mojack, SamboBambo, Tim Debu, Touhou DJ, and Yasmine appeared for some matches. Cieru was rocking a very lovely Squid Girl ensemble, by the way. So there was a 29% turnout.


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So there you have it! The Siliconera community members who showed up to play Splatoon are amazing people and you should feel super fortunate if they’re on your team and absolutely terrified if they’re not. If we attempt another community night, perhaps next time it would be on a weekend, to try for a larger turnout. Also, there wouldn’t be a two battle limit unless the room was absolutely full, since we often were playing with only a group of six to eight people.


If you haven’t played it yet, Splatoon is immediately available for the Nintendo Wii U.

Jenni Lada
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