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Siliconera’s Fire Emblem: Three Houses Week: ICYMI

siliconera fire emblem three houses week

Hello readers! You’ve all probably noticed, but it’s been a Fire Emblem-heavy week at Siliconera. With the release of Cindered Shadows, we thought it would be fun to do a little theme week with our featured content. Jenni took care of the actual DLC coverage, while Siliconera newcomers Graham and Lucas (ya boy) explored other angles.

It’s Friday, so our low key Fire Emblem: Three Houses week has come to a close. We didn’t draw a ton of attention to it ahead of time, but wanted to wrap all the content up here in case y’all missed it or want to check it out all together. Here’s a link to each article, complete with a bonus byline for all the writers.

Playing More Fire Emblem: A Guide for Three Houses Newbies – Graham Russell

Some Fire Emblem Heroes Three Houses Characters Can Be Helpful for Beginners – Jenni Lada

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Jeritza Feels Like He Always Belonged as a Party Member – Jenni Lada

Fire Emblem Three Houses’ Ashen Wolves Has Players Rooting for the Underdogs – Jenni Lada

Edelgard Was Right: How Three Houses’ Themes Could Support a ‘Correct’ Choice – Lucas White

Fire Emblem: Three Houses is an awesome game that opened the series up to an even wider audience with its school life structure and emphasis on characters. And the new Ashen Wolves story is a great excuse to sidestep the news cycle for a bit and put that energy into some capital-c Content. We hope you enjoyed it! Also, kindly let us know if you’re like to see more themed featured content weeks focusing on characters or series going forward.

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