Sinless Combines Point-And-Click Cyberpunk With Visual Novel


Sinless has ambitions of being more than a visual novel. And its creators accomplished that by adding a point-and-click style adventure to the mix.


It also has ambitions of being more than a single game, being part of a planned trilogy, the first episode titled “Reveal” being available on Steam now, with “Revolution” and “Revelations” coming at a later date.


As to its setting and themes, Sinless is set in a utopian future society that sees people leading perfect lives thanks to their cybernetic implants. These electronics are manufactured by huge corporations and they have, in turn, usurped governments and wiped out crime.


Of course, this won’t last, and Sinless charts a rather typical cyberpunk tale in which the prefect future goes completely wrong, pulling the curtain back to reveal the rotten core of society.

Chris Priestman