Sinnerman – A Dark, Ridiculous, Horror-Themed Metroidvania


A playground filled with blade traps, demonic babies, and bloody storks is just the first of the series of ridiculous, dark, and horrific places action/exploration game Sinnerman intends to take players.

Players act as a being revived without its memories (or one just plagued by horrible visions), and the player will battle across monster-filled landscapes to find out why they have come back. They’ll face twisted beasts in each location they come across, battling wriggling mounds of mouths and teeth, personifications of strange fears, and other unsettling beings.

Players can access several different weapons, including a basic slash sword slash, boomerangs, damaging skulls, scalding sigils, bursts of flame, and other abilities that will fend off the sickening undead. They’ll receive valuable skulls for killing these creatures, as well as for finding secrets and treasures, that will let them upgrade their amnesiac character to make its journey easier.

Should they die in combat, though, players will find themselves going through several grotesque death animations. While dying will be irritating and cost progress, these unique ends offer a little bit of over-the-top entertainment for players even if they’re not doing well.

Sinnerman is currently seeking votes on Greenlight and funding on Kickstarter. A demo is available for players to try on GameJolt.

Alistair Wong
Very avid gamer with writing tendencies. Fan of Rockman and Pokémon and lots more!