SINoALICE Kicks Off NieR RepliCant Collaboration, Here’s An Old NieR Trailer From TGS 2009



Two Yoko Taro games are collaborating again, and this time it’s with the smartphone RPG SINoALICE and the first entry of the NieR series, NieR RepliCant.


A NieR RepliCant collaboration event has started today in SINoALICE. The event features a special collaboration scenario written by Yoko Taro’s team with music from NieR RepliCant that was composed by Monaca.


In addition to crystals and other bonus items, check out what players can get from the event below:


Young Nier (Paladin)


All players who simply log into the game during the event will get Young Nier (Paladin) from February 21 at 5:00pm JST to March 8 at 2:59pm JST.



As for the original event titled “The Dream with a Missing Page” it takes place nine years later featuring Young Nier (CV: Koji Yusa) and Emil (CV: Mai Kadowaki) as part of a fully-voiced collaboration-exclusive scenario.



There’s also a collaboration Weapon Stories and collaboration character Job Stories that were all written by Yoko Taro’s team.



During the event, players can test their luck on the “Bookmark of Recollections” gacha for a chance to get Kainé, Young Emil, and Devola & Popola.


Kainé (Breaker)



Young Emil (Mage)



Devola & Popola



Here’s a trailer for the collaboration gacha:

There’s also a special set that can be purchased featuring Young Nier (Sorcerer) that comes with the Grimoire Weiss weapon.


Young Nier (Sorcerer)



The set comes with 300 crystals, the Grimoire Weiss SS weapon, and job unlock for Young Nier (Sorcerer).


To commemorate the occasion, SINoALICE’s official Twitter account shared an old NieR RepliCant trailer that was made for Tokyo Game Show 2009:


SINoALICE is available on iOS and Android in Japan. The game will release in the West in 2019. NieR RepliCant released on PS3 in April 2010 as an alternate version of the Xbox 360’s NieR Gestalt, which released as NieR in the West, featuring a younger main character.

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