SINoALICE Shares Design Work For Cinderella, Pinocchio, Hansel & Gretel, And Kaguya Hime

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We previously got to see design work for Alice, Snow White, Akazukin, and Ibara Hime for Yoko Taro’s upcoming smartphone game SINoALICE, and the official Twitter account has shared a look at its next wave of characters.


As seen previously, the designs feature comments from creative director Yoko Taro and character designer Gino.


Cinderella (CV: Eri Kitamura)


Gino: Weapon designs definitely took the longest on this girl. When thinking of gun-users, one who looks as if they’re putting up a fight but actually have no chance comes to mind, so we got something fun by throwing Cinderella into that.

Yoko Taro: Very cute! I believe she’ll sell well!!


Pinocchio (CV: Yuko Sanpei)


Gino: Pinocchio had a good upbringing with high morals, good at studies, and has a lot of love for family. He is the second Pinocchio. Strong and new game. I wonder how he ended up becoming new game.

Yoko Taro: Very cute! I believe he’ll sell well!!


Hansel & Gretel (CV: Maaya Uchida)


Gino: Donning a robe with dual-blades, we have a treasure hunter. Using a wire to cut down flying witches as Hawkey… er, that’s how she was designed.

Yoko Taro: Very cute! I believe she’ll sell well!!


Kaguya Hime (CV: Shizuka Ito)


Gino: I originally received an image of an oiran (Japanese courtesan), but I said I’m not using a long-sleeved kimono and long hair on a Heian period person! At least that was my focus, then I got derailed.

Yoko Taro: Very cute! I believe she’ll sell well!!


We haven’t seen any gameplay system details for SINoALICE yet, but the official Twitter account said they understand that a lot of you are waiting to learn more about it so they expect to be able to share more on that sometime next week.


SINoALICE launches in Japan in Spring 2017 for iPhone and Android. You can check out some samples of its music in our previous report.

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