SINoALICE’s Aladdin Is A Greedy Sultan Who Wished For Infinite Money Over Love



SINoALICE features characters from fairy tales but with a Yoko Taro twist. The game’s new character Aladdin was recently revealed as Aladdin, the first male character, and he’s basically a version of Aladdin that wished for infinite riches over love.


Aladdin (CV: Tetsuya Kakihara)

The man who will later be known as the Sultan

While the trailer doesn’t tell Aladdin’s full story, you can piece together some of the quotes to get an idea what he’s about:

“This is my financial power!”

“I, too, used to be someone who was used for money.”

“Although I was poor, I saw no meaning to labor and loafed about every day.”

“I counted the little money my mother worked for.”

“The magic lamp chose me.”

“At that point, I had become the winner of the world.”

“Infinite money.”

“With money, there’s no need for war.”

“This world is full of problems, and many people who feel the pain from it.”

“… Ahh, that’s right. I was once in love with a very beautiful princess…”



SINoALICE is available in Japan for iOS and Android.

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