Skelattack is a sidescrolling action game about a skeleton fulfilling its duty to keep adventurers and heroes out of its dungeon, doing so while hopefully not falling into its many traps themselves.

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Players will have access to a handy sword and magic to deal with the onslaught of good guys. Having a full arsenal will be necessary during your tenure as a guard, as various kinds of heroes will enter the dungeon, from hulking knights to magic users, meaning players will need to continually adapt their plans based on who they run into in the dungeon halls.

The dungeon itself can be a source of woes, though. The traps and pits can cause trouble for adventurers, but the skeleton guardians are just as susceptible to them as they guard the halls. Players will have to navigate around special traps in each of the dungeon’s varied areas alongside the oncoming wizards and warriors.

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Skelattack does not take itself overly seriously. The game’s many NPCs say some ridiculous things, and the player will find themselves in some goofy situations and dialogues throughout their time with the game. Imber, the player’s constant bat companion, looks to add to this humor with funny interjections and small animations that add a charming touch to magical attacks.

A demo for Skelattack is available from the game’s site. It is set to release on January 19, 2018.

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