Skeletons And Shoplifters Are An Equal Threat In Moonlighter



Players can run their own shop filled with gear they recover from dangerous dungeon delves in Moonlighter, which is up for voting on the Square Enix Collective.




Will, a shopkeeper, dreams of being a hero in Moonlighter, and his merchant skills don’t transfer over to combat well. Will is quite flimsy compared to the dungeon dwellers he must fight, so he’ll require a lot of gold to build up a supply of equipment to keep him alive. This means taking short trips into the dungeon, finding a few saleable items, and then finding a buyer at the shop in order to buy enough items to stay alive.




Dungeons are randomly generated when Will enters, so players can never be too sure what they’ll run into. Luckily, as Will clears rooms, the monsters within will stay dead, letting the player whittle out small safe spaces as they explore.




If the player survives, they can sell their loot at their own shop. This means setting prices and manning the counter, waiting for an excited buyer to pick up what you’ve set out for sale. Some customers might leave with nothing, some might give you a request for a specific item, and others might just shoplift the items you’ve found, though.




The developers hope to release Moonlighters in early 2017.

Alistair Wong
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