Skull Kid Stares Into Your Soul While You Play This One-Of-A-Kind Majora’s Mask Game Boy



French artist Oskunk has painted a one-of-a-kind Majora’s Mask Game Boy. While you cannot buy it for yourself you can, at least, give it a good look.


As you can see in the images below, painted on to the front of the Game Boy is the Mask itself, as worn by Skull Kid. The B-button and d-pad are turned into its eyes. While on the back you can see the angered face of the Moon staring at you, with “Majora’s Mask” divided above and below it in a bold green font. The last detail is the Triforce on the back, right at the top, where you would insert a game cartridge.


This custom paint job is certainly much more colorful than Nintendo’s Majora’s Mask New 3DS XL, which comes in an exquisite gold, bearing the mask on its front. The back of the custom Game Boy also has some of that ‘90s brand of “extreme” about it, characterized by those adverts of people doing extreme sports, and just about every advert for an action figure from the decade.


Now that there’s a Majora’s Mask Game Boy, all we need is for that Game Boy demake of the game itself to happen and we’ll have a complete retro outfitting of the Zelda game. Why not?





Chris Priestman