Skullgirls Announced For Smartphone, Brings RPG Elements And Dozens Of Characters To Mobile


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Mobile developer Hidden Variable Studios and Skullgirls makers Lab Zero announced today at Anime Expo that the series is launching a mobile game later this year, bringing the fighting game to a mode casual and accessible platform with RPG elements, dozens of characters, collectibles, and more.


The above is a reveal trailer for Skullgirls on mobile, which is designed to tell complimentary stories to the console game, with the first “season” acting as a prequel to the Skullgirls game we’ve seen.


The upcoming mobile Skullgirls game features dozens of characters and special moves to collect and upgrade—from Parasite Weave Filia to Epic Sax Big Band. The mobile game will have RPG progression, customization, team and deck building mechanics, along with a useful Fight Assist feature that lets players take on a more turn-based and tactical role in combat.


In addition to the announcement, Hidden Variable also announced that the game is having a closed beta, where fans will get to sign up starting today for a chance to download and play the upcoming title in advance and provide feedback to the developers. You can check out more on that here.


“I’ve always been a huge fan of Skullgirls, so the opportunity to bring this amazing cast of characters and unique fighting mechanics to mobile has been a labor of love for all of us over the past two years,” said Charley Price, Co-Founder and Creative Director at Hidden Variable Studios. “I think hardcore fans of the console game will really love the way we’ve captured the essence of fighting gameplay in a simpler, mobile-friendly package, whereas more casual fans will be able to enjoy an awesome accessible experience that explores new stories set in the Skullgirls universe.”


“Over the years, we’ve seen no shortage of proposals to do a simple mobile puzzle game with Skullgirls assets, and that’s not what Skullgirls is about,” said Peter Bartholow, CEO of Lab Zero Games. “But it was immediately clear that Hidden Variable understood the nuance, creativity and depth that made Skullgirls so popular, and we cannot wait for fans to check out the mobile game.”


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Skullgirls will launch later this year on Android and iOS devices. The mobile game is being developed by Hidden Variable Studios and published by Autumn Games.

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