Skyborn Creator’s Next Tactical RPG Echoes Of Aetheria Comes Out January 15th


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Dancing Dragon Games and publisher Degica has announced that the tactical RPG Echoes of Aetheria will be out on Steam on January 15th.


You may be familiar with Dancing Dragon’s previous RPG, Skyborn, which is its most popular title to date. If so, you can expect something similar in Echoes of Aetheria.


Echoes of Aetheria is a unique saga that begins with a humble wedding gone-wrong and twists and turns that story until you’ll find yourself at the helm of a global scale conflict,” reads the description. “Rise up from your beginnings to lead a newly formed nation to glory, but beware those who plot against you at every turn!”


It has a 15 tile grid battle system that encourages you to make tactical decisions. It’s said that your home base will also play a big part in what equipment your heroes have. However, there is a crafting system that is capable of producing thousands of unique items.


While not locked in making decisions that affect whole nations or caught up in urgent battles, Echoes of Aetheria offers you the chance to participate in battle events that unlock new gear and give you experience that you’ll want for upcoming challenges.

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