Skychasers Looks Like A Pretty Hardcore Dogfighting Game


If you’re a fan of Luftrausers then Skychasers should have immediate appeal. It’s an intense 2D dogfighting game that will have a story campaign with lots of unique mission objectives and boss fights.


The video above shows some early footage (with stock music) of a conflict with a large boss tank that has a variety of devastating attacks. As you can see, you’re able to pull off some very nifty maneuvers in the fighter jet you fly, turning on a dime at will.


The problem is that your jet is fragile and only takes a few hits before it is downed. So mobility is your best defense as rockets, lasers, and bullets are shot at you. Luckily, you aren’t restricted to using a front-facing machine gun either.


Also at your disposal are guided missiles, EMP strikes, rocket hives, and unguided bombs. Plus, you can perform an aileron roll that makes you invulnerable for a brief second – very handy if used correctly.


At the moment, Skychasers is in development for PC. You can keep up with it over on its TIGSource thread.

Chris Priestman