Skyhook – Scrambling For Multiplayer Grappling Hook Supremacy



Grappling hooks have more lethal uses than climbing in Skyhook, a local co-op multiplayer game that has released on Steam.




As players leap over floating platforms, they’ll launch grappling hooks at each other. While handy for grabbing platforms while falling, these hooks will also kill opposing players, so hitting your opponent with them is just as important as catching a piece of stable earth.




Skyhook has five playable characters to choose from, all having their own abilities such as teleporting or high speed. They can also grab items that will come floating into the game’s nineteen arenas to grab an additional advantage, or hop onto one of the game’s wandering mounts for even more firepower.




Skyhook features several modes to keep its local matches going, having standard or team deathmatches as well as modes that limit the amount of grappling hooks players can use.

Alistair Wong
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