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Skylanders: Imaginators Aims To Introduce Crash Bandicoot To A New Generation Of Fans



Skylanders: Imaginators is scheduled to release mid-October and the game will feature Crash Bandicoot, a character who hasn’t gotten much spotlight in recent years, as a playable character. Crash will appear as a guest character alongside Dr. Neo Cortex, and the two will have their own level in the game called Thumpin’ Wumpa Island.


Vicarious Vision’s Jennifer O’Neal recently commented about the inclusion of Crash in Skylanders: Imaginators during an interview with Gamereactor at this year’s Gamescom. She said the following:


“As you know it’s the twentieth anniversary of Crash Bandicoot so what better time to reintroduce them to a new generation of fans […] I can play as Crash or Neo and my kids can create their own character and play alongside me and that’s what Skylanders is about, bringing families together, playing co-operatively and it’s really fun. Crash and Neo have their own level, it’s called the Thumpin’ Wumpa Island. There’s a lot of fun gameplay that’s really nostalgic for the player that’s played the original Crash Bandicoot games, there’s Wumpa fruit you collect, there’s crates you smash and bounce on and there’s even a really cool area in the level that’s like the old boulder chase levels.”


Skylanders: Imaginators will release for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Wii U, Xbox 360, and Xbox One in Australia on October 13th, Europe on October 14th, and North America on October 16th.