Slain Is A Gothic Splatter Fest From An Ex-Naughty Dog Dev



Ex-Naughty Dog, 3DO, and Ritual Entertainment developer Andrew Gilmour has drawn his sword and pointed it at March 2015 – that’s when his new studio Wolfbrew Games will be releasing its gratuitously gory gothic adventure Slain for PC.


Slain has you playing as Bathoryn as he fights for a land that is under control by seven demonic towers. Your task is to make your way to each tower and slay the spirit inside. As expected, it’s not quite as easy as that sounds.


You’ll need to learn the layout of the levels to progress, slaying foul creatures with Bathoryn’s large blade, and dodging the traps that turn him into a gloopy blood syrup as they crush his body. Yes, it’s a bit of a throwback game, what with its pixel art and demanding level design.


As you can see at the top of this article, Gilmour released Slain’s first trailer alongside the release announcement. It shows off the game in motion for the first time, and it’s quite impressive.


You should be able to spot witches, ghouls, skeletons, flaming flying skulls, gargoyles, harpies, goblins, and more despicable enemies; a whole cast of gothic’s finest creatures. Mostly, it shows off the first few areas in the game around the Highlands, including the gnarled forest and the first tower.


Each of Slain’s areas have two types of levels. The first are sidescrolling action and contain plenty of monsters to slay, including sub-bosses. “The character has various attacks to aid his progress through these levels and in some parts can change into a wolf/beast,” Gilmour revealed.


The second level is vertically scrolling as you climb the tower, and these are more puzzle based, as you must climb to the top of get down to the bottom. Once you do, you’ll have to fight the area boss in order to proceed to the next level.


Slain will be released on PC in March 2015. No more release details have been given. You can find regular development updates on its website.

Chris Priestman