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Slain! Has Got To Be The Goriest Game Coming To Wii U, Surely



Wolf Brew Games has released a new trailer for its upcoming hack-‘n’-slash action platformer Slain! And with it comes confirmation that Slain! will be heading to PlayStation Vita and Wii U, as well as the previously confirmed Xbox One, PC, and PlayStation 4.


As you’ll see in the trailer, Slain! is very gory – like, when you are squashed by walls, you turn into a viscous gunge of blood and minced bone level of gory. There doesn’t seem to be a list of gory games that are available on the Wii U but it seems likely that Slain! would certainly be in that list, if it exists. It’s a bit of a step up in the gore levels when compared to the typical Nintendo platformer, huh?



But Slain! isn’t beyond making use of the Wii U’s GamePad functionality. Siliconera was told that it will “most probably have a pulled out map of the full level and some special way to use mana /switch and switch weapons,” on the Wii U touchscreen.


Siliconera was also shown a video of the game’s recently added ice axe (there’s no way of sharing it here, unfortunately)—it is as it sounds, except what you won’t be expecting is that its blade morphs into a snarling wolf’s head on the final strike.


The other bit of news is that Slain! has a new musician. It’s Curt Victor Bryant, who used to be the bassist in Swiss black metal band Celtic Frost. Slain! also has a Steam page which, as you’ll see, announces it’ll be out on PC this fall. Consoles get it in early 2016.

Chris Priestman