Slash Through Robots In High-Speed Platformer Jetpack Fighter


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Jetpack Fighter is a swipe-to-attack platformer with a lot of speed and plenty of explosions to match. It’s currently available to download for free on the App Store.


It has you dashing through the future metropolis of Mega City to destroy the hostile robots within its walls. There are multiple fighters to unlock and they can be upgraded through the game’s gear progression system, acquiring new weapons, armor, and items.


The levels range from 2.5D sidescrolling action blitzes to rear-view 3D-style shooters against bosses. You’re also encouraged to replay levels to get a better score by swiping to dash across levels quicker and taking out the enemies more efficiently.


Jetpack Fighter does have in-app purchases for Gems and you can also buy the fighters for $14.99 rather than unlocking them through gameplay.

Chris Priestman
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