Slavic Myth Informs Catmaze, A Metroidvania That Weaponizes Cute Animals


Catmaze, a cute Metroidvania about a witch who uses animal familiars as actual weapons, stabbing foes with hedgehogs or slashing at them with bats, draws from Slavic myth to create its locales and enemies.



Catmaze draws from several different creatures from Slavic myth to fill out its rogues gallery of villains for Alesta, a young sorceress, to fight. From the spirit-like kikimor to the horned anchutkas, players will get to meet all manner of dangerous creatures from mythology to battle.

Alesta will not tangle with these creatures on her own, as she’ll be using various weaponized animals to fight back. From a whip-like snake to a swung cat to a thrown bat, each animal can be used to attack in its own ways, giving the sorceress some unorthodox weapons to use. Some of these creatures will also give her added mobility, allowing her to climb walls, allowing players to deeply customize how she fights and moves depending on the animals she takes with her.



Catmaze is available now on Steam.

Alistair Wong
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