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Slayaway Camp Uses Sliding Puzzles To Bring Hapless Campers To Brutal Ends


Slayaway Camp will have players solving sliding puzzles, using the environment to carefully guide their slasher villain around the map to kill people in gruesome fashion.


An accident at a youth camp on Thursday, October 12th carries horrible consequences for many young adults and law enforcement officers a year later in Slayaway Camp. As the revived killer, players will have to examine the layout of victims and killing devices on each map, as their killer will move in a straight line until he bumps into a wall or finds something worth carving up. By using the victims and walls to stop the villain’s movement, players can work their way around each of the game’s crafty maps, eventually killing everyone there.

Slayaway Camp uses voxel-based visuals to keep things light and silly, but that doesn’t mean the developers shied away from bringing them to sickening ends. Players will bury meat cleavers into heads at close range, stomp teens into the earth, shove them into woodchippers, use lawnmowers on them, or even summon demons to turn the goofy victims into piles of voxel blood and bones.


Slayaway Camp is now available on Xbox One and PS4, and is also out on iOS, Android, and Steam.

Alistair Wong
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