ryups3.jpgSega and Sony are collaborating to release a Ryu Ga Gotoku PlayStation 3 bundle pack on March 6. For 47,040 yen ($440) you get a shiny new Satin Silver 40 GB PlayStation 3, Ryu Ga Gotoku Kenzan and a dragon sticker. Besides the neat looking sticker (see a picture of it past the break), the bundle saves gamers planning on picking both up 920 yen ($8.60) or just enough money for a hearty meal at Little Spoon.


If Ryu Ga Gotoku Kenzan isn’t your thing the Satin Silver PlayStation 3 will be sold separately on the same day for 39,980 yen ($375). Also if you have to color coordinate Satin Silver DualShock 3 controllers will be around for 5,500 yen ($51). Surprisingly, Sony is still selling these separately instead of packaging them with the new PS3s.




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