Slime Rancher Brings Its Adorable Blob Farming To Steam Early Access


Developer Monomi Park has now released its first-person shooter and farming hybrid Slime Rancher to Steam Early Access for Windows and Mac.


The current version offers a slice of the final game with “many areas to explore, multiple slime types and resources to collect, personal upgrades for their trusty vacpack, and many completely functional aspects of their ranch to build and upgrade.”


The final version is expected to arrive in the fall of 2016. It will add more environments to explore, more slime types to farm, and more resources to collect and grow. “There are also a couple more ranch expansions planned as well as some new features that are designed to further enrich the existing core gameplay loop,” says Monomi Park.


Slime Rancher has you playing as Beatrix LeBeau as she tries to make a living wrangling slimes on a ranch far away from Earth. She uses a vatpack to suck the slimes up and keep them in their pens. It’s also used to capture new types of slimes that she hopes will amass her fortune.

Chris Priestman