Slime Rancher Will Turn You Into A Farmer Of Wriggly Things In 2016


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Indie studio Monomi Park has put its first-person sandbox adventure Slime Rancher up on Steam Greenlight. It’s due to launch on Windows, Mac, and Linux in 2016.


Slime Rancher turns you into Beatrix LeBeau as she attempts to start her own farm where she wrangles slimes. She does this using a vacpack, which is a vacuum gun that sucks up anything that isn’t nailed to the ground.

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Being a sandbox adventure means there’s a degree of freedom to experience in Slime Rancher. However, there should be challenges for you upon each waking day on your farm.


This includes watering crops, collecting eggs from hens, feeding slimes, finding new types of slimes in the wilderness, and more. You can currently pre-order Slime Rancher on its website.

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