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Slyma’s Monster Eating Coffin And Planet Sized Attacks In Mugen Souls Z



Compile Heart have shared more details of Mugen Souls Z’s battle system and what you’ll be doing on and off the battlefield.


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The base of Mugen Souls Z is he G Castle, where you’ll have access to armory, Mugen shop and also hot springs. There’s also a costume store, where you’ll be able to purchase plenty of costumes such as maid outfits. Certain story-advancing events will also occur at the G Castle.




While exploring the fields, you can acquire Star Energy, which will add new areas to explore. This will also occasionally play a role in advancing the story.



After you finish shopping at the G Castle and exploring the fields, you’ll eventually come across events followed by a battle that will lead to the next part of the main story.


In addition to our recently reported battle system, here’s a further look at what else you’ll be doing in these fights:




The Uptake ability is one of Slyma’s main skills, where you’ll have to choose out of three given Fetish Poses to increase the Uptake and Item Meters. When the Uptake Meter is filled, it will transform the target into a Shampuru. If the Item Meter is full, it will transform the target into an item.



The success rate varies between great success, successful and failure, with the better finishes resulting in additional points to both meters. There’s a total of 10 different Fetish Poses with varied success rates.




This coffin isn’t only used as Slyma’s bed, it also plays a role in the Uptake ability. After turning an enemy into a Shampuru, they are consumed by the coffin, followed by various types of attacks depending on the consumed Shampuru powers.



Another one of Slyma’s abilities is the Undisputed God Spirit command. This ability works around your collected Chou-Chou Energy and Servant Points to turn Chou-Chou into a giant, followed by a massive special attack . The more points, the more damage it will do.



The total amount of Servant Points you have will determine Chou-Chou’s size. However, due to the immense size of the ability, there’s a danger of it possibly hitting your own allies.


Mugen Souls Z is slated to be released on April 25th, 2013.


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