Smart Party Choice Is Key In Roguelike RPG Zavix Tower



Players are free to concoct their own parties of wizards, warriors, rogues, and healers before they set out to conquer Zavix Tower, a first-person roguelike RPG.




Players can set up parties with any combination of character class they want, allowing them to go full melee with a group of warriors or a more balanced mixture of other classes. With this party, players will try to climb a tower, facing the monsters in turn-based combat as they try to reach the top. Players can leave to restock in town when the monsters and challenges become too strenuous, though.




With every attempt, players may be able to get a little higher, steadily unlocking more character classes, as well as finding new characters, as they go. They will also gain loot to better outfit themselves, as well as money to buy new equipment and powerful enchantments in town.



Zavix Tower has been on Steam Early Access since March of this year, and is set to become a full release in mid-July.

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