Smartphone Platformers Are Getting More Ambitious, And Nintsuku Is One Example



Mobile game developers GUMI’s latest title, Nintsuku,is a simple platformer, but it’s a little different from similar games in the genre. It allows you to make, play, and share your own stages. The official website shares a closer look at the recently released game.



Nintsuku’s main game will have you take control of a ninja character and go through 63 of its official stages, full of various traps, puzzles, and enemies to beat up. These official stages are said to be quite challenging, so you’ll want to bring your best ninja skills to take them on.



The main attraction of the game is its Stage Edit mode, where you’ll get to make stages the way you like it with your personal touch, and as difficult as you want it.


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You can set various obstacles on the course using items you’ve collected. You can make stages with nothing but cute-looking monsters, or make ridiculously difficult stages that are almost impossible to beat.



Once you finish making a stage, you can share it with friends and strangers. You can share the stages via Twitter or LINE, and aim to come up with the most popular stage in the rankings.



Additionally, you can record your play session to show off your moves, or even your stage-making sessions to show others how you made a stage. This feature comes in handy for sharing strategies in case anyone gets stuck on a difficult stage.


Nintsuku is currently available for Android and iOS devices.

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