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Smash Ultimate Reveals New Screenshots, Fighter Videos, And Main Theme ‘Lifelight’


piranha plant 3

Nintendo has updated Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s website with new screenshots, new fighter videos, new items, as well as new music tracks, including the main theme previewed during the trailer for World of Light.


#60e Ken


ken 1

ken 2

ken 3

ken 4

ken 5

ken 6


Fighter video:


#69 Incineroar


incineroar 1

incineroar 2

incineroar 3

incineroar 4

incineroar 5

incineroar 6


Fighter video:


#70 Piranha Plant (DLC)

piranha plant 1

piranha plant 2

piranha plant 3

piranha plant 4

piranha plant 5

piranha plant 6


Fighter video:


New Items – Beastball and Healing Sprout

beastball healing sprout


New Music

Lifelight (Main theme – English)


Lifelight (Main theme – Japanese)


Battle! (Wild Pokémon) – New Arrangement


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate launches for Nintendo Switch on December 7, 2018.

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