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Smite Avatar: The Last Airbender and Legend of Korra Characters Arrive in July 2020

smite avatar the last airbender

Another big SMITE crossover has been confirmed at Summer Game Fest 2020. This time, it involves characters good at wielding different sorts of elements. In July 2020, a SMITE Avatar Battle Pass will be released. People who get it will be able to add Avatar: The Last Airbender and Avatar: The Legend of Korra characters.

Three different SMITE Avatar characters will appear. Both Aang and Zuko, the Avatar and Fire Nation Prince, will be popping in from Avatar: The Last Airbender. Korra, the title character and new Avatar featured in Avatar: The Legend of Korra, will represent her series. Aang Merlin and the Prestige Track Avatar Aang Merlin, Zuko Susano and Prestige Track Blue Spirit Susano, and Korra Skadi and Prestige Track Avatar Korra Skadi will all appear.

You can see all of the characters in a trailer looking at each of the characters in SMITE.

Crossovers aren’t entirely uncommon when it comes to Smite. For example, in 2019 there was a RWBY Battle Pass that had things like skins of Ruby Rose, Blake Belladonna, Weiss Schnee, and Yang Xiao Long.

SMITE is available for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The SMITE Avatar: The Last Airbender collaboration will begin in July 2020.

Jenni Lada
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