A Sneak A Peek At The Next Elsword Character And Baddies



Korea’s version of MMORPG Elsword has a new teaser trailer for the next episodic content for the game.



The teaser trailer starts off with the non-playable character Ariel running towards the Elsword cast of characters. It then cuts off to a town under siege, which appears to be Feita. The siege is over pretty fast though as a big baddie simply smashes through the walls and buildings


There’s also a trickster bad guy who materializes from behind the row of soldiers, cutting their retreat off. Finally, a flashy, splashy, nimble dagger wielder girl cuts her way through the remaining foes. These three were previous bosses from within the game.



The trailer ends off with Elsword (the character) reaching a hand out to the crying Ariel. This update will probably make its way West eventually.


Correction: As commenters have noted, it appears these are actually characters already in the game. I apologize for the error, and thank readers for letting us know who they are. The trailer was released as a teaser for Episode 5 by Nexon.