SNES Beat ‘Em Up Legend Is Now Available On Steam


Piko Interactive has released the 1994 SNES beat ‘em up Legend on Steam. It’s available for Windows only and costs $4.99 at full price.


As Piko says, it “resembles games like Final Fight, or Streets of Rage” but “features a medieval setting.”


The game’s back story concerns a medieval rule called Beldor the Maleficent who allowed chaos and tyranny to reign. He had great power, enough to defeat any knight that rose against him, but eventually it was the force of all his people that toppled him and imprison his soul.


You ply as Clovis, the corrupt son of the King of Sellech (the place that Beldor ruled), who wants to harness Beldor’s power and conquer the kingdom. 

Chris Priestman