SNK Bishoujo KOF 98 Athena Asamiya Figure Announced

KOF 98 Athena Figure

Athena Asamiya from KOF 98 is officially joining the SNK Bishoujo figure line. Kotobukiya announced the figure alongside an illustration of the character in bishoujo style. The figure will release sometime in Summer 2023. There is no confirmed price or release date.

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Athena is the third character to appear in the SNK Bishoujo figure series. She first appeared as the main character of Psycho Soldier, released in 1986. While the character has since appeared in various forms across the KOF series, this particular figure is based on her appearance in The King of Fighters ’98.

KOF 98 Athena Figure

Originally announced in March 2021, the SNK Bishoujo series will include characters from SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy as well as KOF 98. Artist Shunya Yamashita will provide reference illustrations. On the figure’s official page, Yamashita stated that he is proud to be part of the project as there are very few figures of Athena from KOF 98.

Yamashita has worked closely with Kotobukiya in the past. He’s created designs for various other bishoujo figures, including the most recent Mai Shiranui figure. He also worked on the female version figure of Terry Bogard from SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy.

You can get a better look at the figure designs below.

The KOF 98 Athena Asamiya figure is in development, and will release sometime in Summer 2023. There is no confirmed release date or price.

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