SNK Takes Over The Humble Mobile Bundle To Celebrate The NeoGeo Anniversary



The NeoGeo is 25-years-old this year with it having been released in 1990. The machine’s manufacturer SNK has been celebrating this anniversary all year with a number of sales and events, the latest of which is being hosted on the Humble Mobile Bundle.


On offer at the time of writing are eight SNK games for Android smartphones and tablets at a pay-what-you-want price, with the minimum being a dollar. They are as follows…


Pay $1 or more to get:



Pay more than the average to add:



More are to be added to this line-up too for anyone who beats the average price. There’s also an exclusive NeoGeo 25th anniversary Metal Slug t-shirt available to anyone who pays $29.99 or over. It has worldwide shipping and is expected to be sent out in October 2015.


This Humble NeoGeo Android Mobile Bundle (as it’s called) launched on July 20th and will be available for two weeks. The charity being supported by donations to this bundle is the American Red Cross.

Chris Priestman