SNK Teases King of Fighters CryptoKOF NFT Project

King of Fighters NFT

Multiple SNK social media accounts including the SNK Global Twitter account are teasingKing of Fighters NFT project titled CryptoKOF. However, there is only a short trailer and a Twitter account, which has since protected its tweets, dedicated to the project at the time of the announcement. Though details are scarce, the project will involve SNK and a Shanghai-based NFT marketing firm.

The 1-minute-long trailer shows clips of a futuristic city with seemingly no connection to the King of Fighters universe. Towards the end of the video, it closes in on a retro-style arcade with several arcade cabinets showing a “King of Fighters Crypto” logo. The video then shows the phrase “Remember Every Time You See The Moon” in Japanese. This could be a reference to the King of Fantasy spin-off novel and manga adaptation.

You can see a screenshot of the announcement tweet below.

CryptoKOF Announcement Tweet

Oddly, the now locked CryptoKOF Twitter account has only a handful of followers and no other tweets, despite being “officially authorized.” Aside from SNK, Shanghai-based NFT firm Metawave is also collaborating on the project. However, there is little to no information on the company’s past crypto-related projects. The company also appears to be unrelated to the previously announced Netmarble King of Fighters Arena NFT project.

SNK has already been selling KOF NFTs for some time now. The company holds a partnership with OnBuff, an NFT marketplace where it sells NFTs of popular fighters from KOF and its other franchises. All of this is part of a larger trend of Japan-based video game publishers breaking into the cryptocurrency industry. Recent examples include Square Enix, Konami, and Bandai Namco.

The King of Fighters CryptoKOF NFT project is in development. There is no release date.

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