SNK Is Working On Several Titles They Hope To Announce In 2017



In 4Gamer’s end-of-year talk with the developers, The King of Fighters XIV producer, Yasuyuki Oda, had a few words to share on what SNK has planned for 2017.


Here’s Oda-san’s 2017 message for the readers:


“We just announced The King of Fighters XIV’s Ver. 1.10, but we’re also trying out and making all kinds of things.”


“First, we have Athena Asamiya’s KoF ‘98 version costume, which should be out by the time this article goes up. We’ll have plenty more to announce in due order, so please look forward to it!”


“Development for things other than KoF  is also going smoothly! And we got several, too! We, the staff,m will work hard so that we can have some kind of announcement in 2017! Metal Slug Attack on smartphone is also getting a major update!!”

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