SNK’s Rhythm Of Fighters Adds Fatal Fury Music To Its Tracklist



    SNK is adding four new Fatal Fury music tracks to its recently released rhythm action mobile game The Rhythm of Fighters.



    The additional tracks are as follows:


    1. Soy Sauce for Geese
    2. Thai Nanbu no Tsutaetai Atarashii Uta
    3. Enryuujin
    4. Ryuko No Ken Ver.230000000.0


    Rhythm of Fighters has players hitting notes as they swing in around a circle around a fight, with successful hits landing combos and various special moves on foes.


    The new tracks are available for $2.99 and will go on sale from July 9th on Android, with an iOS update later.


    Rhythm of Fighters is available now on iOS and Android.


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