snow Snow fights alongside Serah and Noel as a guest during in a certain event in Final Fantasy XIII-2. Soon, you can add him as a party member.


Famitsu revealed Snow and Valfodr are coming to the colosseum as downloadable content. While scans revealed the two characters, details like a release date and price have not been leaked online yet.


Update: Snow is *not* a regular Final Fantasy XIII-2 colosseum fight like Gilgamesh and Ultros. Square Enix is giving him a story set in the colosseum. The idea came from female staff on the development team and in this episode Snow will discuss is relationship with Serah and Lightning. Square Enix also said we’ll learn about Snow’s l’Cie mark. Players will fight Snow and later the Arbiter of Time’s true form – that’s Valfodr – who will attack players multiple times and each time Valfodr will be a higher level. Snow attacks with rapid fire punches and kicks as a Commando if he crystallizes. Players have a 30% chance to add Snow to their party after the battle. Valfodr is a Ravager, but his crystalization rate depends on the monster’s level, but it can go all the way up to 100%.


The Snow side story will be available in Japan on May 15.

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